About Hublot

Written By: Kaelyn Harding

The Black-Eye Campaign.

This is the infamous "Back Eye" campaign.

It is not often that a watch-making business can maintain a sense of stalwart originality once it enters the public eye as a statement of high-fashion. In the 1980s, Hublot watches’ creator Carlo Crocco released his first design: a fusion of gold and rubber. This was the herald of a lifetime of creative deviation from the norms of name-brand watches. As a young independent company even in the mid 90s, Hublot was able to maintain and pursue its artistic freedom without the crushing demand for conformity to the current trends of high fashion. It is this new look that has critics and customers ravenously seeking out new items from the Hublot line.

Hublot watches favor a unique approach to their work – a fusion between the industrial, rigid construction watch, and bejeweling bezels until they have more bling than a rapper’s grill. The result is an unusual, but oddly earthy effect that sets Hublot apart from the more sparing and minimalism-oriented watch brands like Gucci and Cartier. Watches in this brand’s collection also tend to stray from traditional definitions with unusual cases for their timepieces like the Liberty Men’s Pocket Watch, whose design clearly replicates the shell of a bullet. A trademark of Hublot watches is their blocky hour detonators and the small hollowed out section at the base of the watch hands. It is also not uncommon for collections to showcase the gears and cogs that make the watch run with faces that open into their internal structure.

Hublot helps sponsor the MDM Foundation, which is a charity that looks after the welfare of children around the world, and it is not a rare occurrence that their sales and donations come directly from the watches purchased from their lines. They have also sponsored FIFA and other notable events.

The brand’s motto is “The Art of Fusion.” This, as you may have already guessed, is in reference to the unusual materials that create these pieces. Rubber and gold, ceramics, diamonds bedazzling the plastic cover of a sport watch. Their unusual sense of ingenuity has earned them recognition worldwide.

You can expect to spend a pretty penny for a Hublot. Their innovative designs and willingness to stuff up to three hundred diamonds onto a piece is indication enough of the direction the price is heading in. On average, consumers can estimate spending between $9000 and $32,000 on a single piece. While the price is steep, Hublot is one of the few companies that you can honestly say stands out from the crowd.