Hublot Watches Buying Tips

Written by Leslie Foss

Hublot watches are futuristic, sleek and complicated (in a good way).  Some Hublots are big, colorful, and dazzling. Still others are understated and monochromatic.  Hublot makes many collections of watches to fascinate and impress.  If you are in the market for a Hublot watch, here is some advice to make the process smooth.

Hublot Big Bang Red Gold Valentine Watch

Hublot Big Bang Red Gold Valentine Watch

First, there are only a handful of Hublot boutiques in the world, making it probable that many Hublot afficionados will buy theirs online.  Choose a reputable Hublot retailer to ensure you are buying a genuine Hublot, and not an imitation.  The retailer should offer a better price than full retail, and sometimes adds other incentives such as free shipping.  But deep discounts on luxury watches are a red flag: do not expect to pay less than half the retail price for an authentic Hublot watch.  Typically, the best price to be found is somewhere between 10% to 30% lower than the full retail price.

To discover current Hublot watches: visit the official Hublot website .  View upclose, delicious photos of each model, functions and details, and play short videos of watches rotating 360 degrees.  Hublot leaves nothing to the imagination.  You can see case backs that reveal the inner heartbeats of each tiny moving part.  Learn about the many expensive metals and materials used to make each watch an eye-pleasing combination of colors and durability.  Titanium, tungsten, palladium, platinum, and gold are some of the most precious metals used, each with its own unique shade of grey or silver, for rich-looking pieces.

Ladies’ Hublot watches: With so many masculine watches with names like Big Bang, Bigger Bang, and King Power, I wondered, are there Hublot women’s watches?  Well, Hublot makes a number of unisex timepieces, but they cleverly don’t distinguish between men’s and women’s;  customers can wear what they please.  Indeed, many Hublot watches could be worn by anyone.  Of note are the Tutti Frutti, in yummy colors like orange, green, red, blue, and purple, studded with matching bagettes around the bezel.  Ladies might also like the Leopard and Gold White collections.

On other Hublot retailer websites, gender is usually added in the name of the watch. Some popular series with styles for ladies are the Classic and Elegant Hublots.

One final note about authenticity:  there are replica Hublots out there.  But in my opinion, they look rough-hewn in comparison.  The metal case and other parts look cheaper, with sharper corners and without the high satiny sheen of genuine Hublot watches.  However, good imitations probably exist, and most people are not expert jewelers.  Only do business with a reputable seller to ensure you are buying a genuine Hublot brand watch.