20 Dec 2011

Big Bang 44mm 301.PX.1180.PX Men’s Watch Review

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Written by: Victoria Farina

The Hublot Big Bang 44mm 301.PX.1180.PX men’s chronograph watch is truly in a world of its own. Although the big bang itself apparently took place as far in the past as possible, this watch is anything but passé. On the contrary, this watch is the one that should be worn if we ever decide to colonize outer space because it is both superbly futuristic looking and also cool and stylish enough to gain the respect and admiration of any extraterrestrials we might encounter along the way.

Image of the Hublot Big Bang 44mm 301.PX.1180.PX Men's Watch

A gorgeous piece of futuristic time-telling technology.

This collection of Hublot watches was created in the 1980s and was the first in the history of watch-making to combine a precious metal such as gold with very modern materials, such as black rubber and Kevlar. The spacey futuristic look of this watch is so 80s and so ultra cool! If you haven’t noticed, 80s fashion is back in a big way and if you loved that decade then the Big Bang is the perfect representative of hip 80s style. Or perhaps you are an engineer or rocket scientist looking to design the next shuttle to outer space. Either way, you cannot go wrong with this watch.

This watch sports some incredible features. Sure anyone can own a gold watch, and the gold of this watch case and band isn’t shabby at all at 18 karats of rose gold with a cool brushed finish, however, how many people also have a watch made of Kevlar? The edge of the case has lateral black Kevlar inserts giving this watch super Kevlar strength to face the unknown on that outer space journey you might be taking. This Big Bang also has a solid black matte dial with brushed finished rose gold hands with luminous filled tips.

The Big Bang is a chronograph watch with three sub-dials. The dial window is made of scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with water-resistance of 100 meters. This watch also has a semi-skeleton back so you can see the powerful Hublot Caliber HUB 4100 engine of this watch which holds an approximate power reserve of 42 hours. One of the coolest details is the black rubber center inserts on the crown and chronograph buttons which match the black Kevlar. Thanks to the innovative 80s we now know that gold and black rubber is an excellent and super chic combination!

What is the only thing keeping you from blasting off to outer space sporting this ultra cool piece of time-telling technology on your wrist? Well, for most of us it is the price tag, at a US retail price of $53,900 the Hublot Big Bang may well remain only a futuristic dream. However, do keep in mind that Hublot does offer models within the Big Bang collection at more down-to-earth prices yet with similar levels of awesomeness.


  • Cool and futuristic
  • Great unique details combining 18k rose gold with Kevlar


  • Hefty price tag



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