17 Jul 2011

Hublot Big Bang Steel Diamonds 301.SX.1170.RX.1104 Review

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Written by: Travis Farris

The Hublot Big Bang Steel Diamonds

The Hublot Big Bang Steel Diamonds

Hublot has been creating luxury watches for over 30 years, and here they have another great product available. A men’s watch with enough style to be impressive but little enough flash to be subtle despite its richness, the Hublot Big Bang Steel Diamonds 301.SX.1170.RX.1104 is a promising addition to the luxury watch selection. Not a casual purchase, it is nevertheless a bold one.

As implied by its name, the Steel Diamonds is encased in none other than stainless steel, giving it a strong and powerful look. Fitted throughout it’s bezel are 114 small diamonds, framing it in a glittering circle of gemstones. The lack of color offsets the flashiness of the watch, keeping it from being overpowering while still showing off an impressive effect.

The watch dial itself below the crystal is a black mat, which contrasts perfectly to the silver of diamonds and steel. Not a trace of color will be found in this watch, and this works well for it, a shades-of-gray effect that makes it a solid and dependable-looking creation. The black rubber strap also adds to this image.

The watch is also a chronograph, divided into hour, minute, and second dials inside the watch face. With the ability to record up to 12 hours of time passage, and a date dial squeezed stylishly between 4 and 5 hours, its functionality matches its strong appearance.

With prices in the mid-ten-thousands, it would be wise for a potential customer to be sure of their purchase, and there is a rather surprising sparsity of information on the manufacturer’s site. The big details are available, but nothing specific, such as vibrations per hour or construction materials, is provided. Given the heavy price tag on watches of this caliber, more information would have been nice.

Still, it’s clear that the watch is a high-quality, highly artistic endeavor, and it certainly rivals others on the market. Shoppers who can spare the money deserve to give it a look to see if it fits their tastes.


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