18 Jun 2012

Big Bang Men’s Black Magic 301.CI.1770.RX Review

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by Elizabeth Lowry

While the word “subtle” was probably never intended to apply to a member of Hublot’s Big Bang series, the Men’s Black Magic 301.CI.1770.RX might well present an exception. It is both sophisticated and understated and can therefore be worn in a variety of contexts. This watch might also be a pretty safe bet when it comes to gift-giving.

Like other Big Bang series watches, the dial on this model is lightly etched with a checkerboard pattern. However, there are no numerals on this watch face, simply silver tabs with luminescent inserts. The dial itself is framed—as if it were a window–by a raised bezel, a detail evidently hearkening back to the name “hublot” which means “porthole” in French. The color scheme here is strictly black and is set off by attractive touches of silver—such as the watch hands and the titanium screws. The black rubber strap on this watch is made of a thinner material than many other Hublot watch straps, and is therefore a little less ostentatious. This watch is smooth, slick and beautifully made, which means that it might well appeal to those who appreciate and admire Hublot’s designs, but have slightly more conservative taste when it comes to actually wearing one themselves. A variation on this model includes a black ceramic link “bracelet” instead of the rubber strap. Don’t let the word “bracelet” fool you—this ceramic link strap is robust and masculine looking and in my opinion is much more attractive than the rubber.

Pros: This watch is water resistant to approximately 330 feet with a built in calendar and stopwatch.

Cons: Consumers of Hublot watches have complained that many rubber straps don’t last more than a few years and that it can cost a few hundred dollars to repair one. This is partly because when a strap breaks, it cannot be repaired by just anybody. The Hublot casing doesn’t fit with a non-Hublot strap, so the watch must be taken somewhere that specializes in Hublot designs.

Since rubber–especially thin rubber–can wear quite quickly, particularly when frequently exposed to the elements, the bracelet strap for this model may be a better buy. In short, if you are going to spend a few thousand dollars on a watch, then you probably don’t want to have to put a great deal of time and money into getting it repaired. For this reason, if you plan on buying the 301.CI.1770.RX, I would highly recommend opting for the model made with the ceramic link strap.


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