18 Jun 2012

Big Bang Men’s Gold Ceramic 301.PB.131.RX Review

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by Elizabeth Lowry

Even if you can’t be at the Grand Prix in person, wearing Hublot’s Gold and Black Ceramic 301.PB.131.RX could give you a sense of what it might feel like to be there. For starters, the black rubber strap is distinctly reminiscent of a tire. It’s thick and durable, and better still, it’s stamped with a tread-like pattern that looks as if it could handle many speedy tours around the track.

This distinctive watch from the Big Bang series has rose-gold hands and its black carbon dial is etched with a light checkerboard pattern—reminiscent of a racing flag. Only four numbers are indicated on the dial; a shiny golden 2, 4, 6 and 8. The numbers are large and robust-looking against the carbon and the dial is encircled by a black ceramic bezel that is reminiscent of a car’s leather steering wheel; smooth on the surface, and slightly textured around the edges. The case is made from an airbrushed 18K red-gold that is only slightly duller than the bright gold hands and numeral. This model is available in two sizes, both in 44mm and a smaller 41mm.

Pros: This Hublot creation is water resistant to a depth of 100 meters (approximately 330 feet), meaning that that it would be fine to snorkel with, but probably not a good idea to take on a deep sea diving expedition. This timepiece also boasts a calendar and can be used as a stopwatch—particularly useful if you happen to be at the Grand Prix.

Cons: The thick rubber wristband traps perspiration next to the skin which can cause discomfort, especially in hot weather.

This watch is an eye-catching piece in which the combination of rubber and gold suggest both the masculinity and glamour associated with the Grand Prix. And interestingly enough, the Big Bang series itself was awarded the Design Prize at the 2005 Grand Prix, so it comes by its tire-treads honestly. While the fusion of rubber and gold may not appeal to those who have a more conservative sense of taste, this watch could easily be conceived as a collector’s item or even as a family heirloom passed down from father to son. Family heirlooms carry something of both the quality of the moment—in this case, a taste of the early twenty-first century—as well as a family member’s personal flair. For this reason alone, some might find the Hublot 301.PB.131.RX worth its price.


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