02 Jul 2012

Hublot Big Bang 38mm Automatic 365.SX.1170.LR Men’s Watch Review

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Written by: KC Moore

Many times, when looking for a watch, a person is faced with the same decision to make: Do you pick the stylish, classic sophisticated watch of your dreams or go for the more practical, comfortable timepiece that you can actually read?  Here comes the Hublot Big Bang 38mm Automatic 365.SX.1170.LR men’s watch to the rescue!  This timepiece is perfect for a man that doesn’t want to sacrifice style and elegance in the pursuit of a comfortable, practical, everyday watch.

The Hublot Big Bang 38mm Automatic 365.SX.1170.LR watch is made using a brushed finished fixed stainless steel bezel, with a push button fold-over clasp on the bracelet.  The dial of this watch is black and is covered with a scratch resistant sapphire that is the most expensive and durable cover available.  The bracelet strap is made using a combination of rubber and alligator skin.  The rubber is on the inside of the watch, on the part that is against your skin to insure that the band as comfortable as possible for the wearer.  The alligator on the outside brings a classic style to the timepiece, once again highlighting how perfect it is for anyone that wants comfort and style.


  • Stylish
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to Read
  • Date and Seconds Display
  • Water Resistant up to 100 meters
  • Scratch Resistant Sapphire
  • Durable
  • High Quality
Aside from being very stylish and very comfortable, this watch is also really easy to read.  It won’t take you ten minutes of staring blankly at your wrist to answer someone who asks you for the time or date.  It’s water resistant up to100 meters which means that you don’t have to worry about wearing it in the rain, swimming or snorkeling.  The scratch resistant sapphire proves how seriously Hublot is about the durability of this product, only the best materials are used.
  • Price ($8,400)
  • Not vegan or vegetarian friendly
This timepiece doesn’t come with many negatives, besides the somewhat steep price and not being vegetarian or vegan friendly.  For a designer watch, it is actually much less expensive that many of the pieces I’ve seen, but it will still run you a few thousand dollars which is no small amount.  What that money comes the security of the Hublot name, and the confidence that a well made product provides.
I would recommend this watch to anyone looking for an everyday watch that is as practical as it is stylish, as long as they are okay with the alligator band and spending a little more money for a great product.



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