20 Feb 2012

Hublot Big Bang 41mm Chronograph Automatic Women’s Watch 341.SL.5190.LR.1104

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Written by: Kidist Amanuel

If you are a lady looking for a watch that has incredibly beautiful features that you will enjoy looking at and showing off, you will love this women’s Hublot Big Bang chronograph automatic watch.

This is a striking watch that will grab your attention with a simple glance. It is a big watch so you won’t have any problem appreciating all the details that are easily visible. Compared to other brand collections with similar style and features, this watch comes at a very reasonable price. This luxurious timepiece is listed for $17600, but you will find it online for as low as $12400. The leather strap on this watch is a beautiful shade of blue and made of alligator skin. You will be able to easily adjust the length and size of the strap to a comfortable fit. You will notice that the watch case is silver and made of stainless steel. The case is 41 millimeters in diameter, which is quite large, but this allows for you to appreciate all the pretty details of the watch with ease. It also has water resistance to 330 feet, which should keep your watch safe under many different circumstances. The silver color of the case contrasts beautifully with that of the blue strap. You can use this timepiece as a pop of color against a neutral outfit or use it as an accessory that matches one of your ensembles. The watch crystal is made of sapphire for great protection against scratches and scruffs that occurs on a daily basis. Inside the case, you will see a blue dial that matches the color of the strap. The hour markers, roman numerals, and hour and minute hands are all silver and nicely stand out against the blue background of the dial. The chronograph features are evident at the third, sixth, and ninth hour marks. Perhaps the most striking feature of the entire watch though is the bezel, which is made of stainless steel and diamond. This distinguishing feature is unique, timeless, and just plain beautiful.

• Beautiful blue leather made of alligator skin
• Water resistance to 330 feet
• Chronograph features
• Bezel made of stainless steel and diamond
• Stainless steel case
• Sapphire crystal

• Not cheap but reasonable price for quality of watch
• Automatic movement – not as accurate as quartz movement

This is a fun watch that will allow you to play around with your look in several different ways. This collection of Hublot watch is classy, attractive, and functional. Go for it!


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