25 Jun 2012

Hublot Big Bang 41mm Women’s 341.SA.5390.LR.1104

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by Jerrica Tisdale

The Hublot watches are known for their quality, marrying modern and classic elements. They’re also known for their unique style and innovation. A Hublot watch is one you know  will last you for a very long time. They are also known for their distinctive collections. One of their more unique and fun collection is the Tutti Frutti one. It contains a large variety of watches completely covered in certain colors. Some of the colors in this collection are green, blue, pink and orange. So It’s easy to find a color of your liking.

If you like more neutral darker colors then you may like the Hublot Big Bang 41mm Women’s 341.SA.5390.LR.1104 watch.

This completely caramel colored watch can appeal to any woman with a special place in her heart for the caramel color. It could also appeal to women that love neutral or darker colors, and a love for strange, but beautiful watches. This watch, besides being a really cool color, has some other great features. Here are a few of the other features with this watch:

  • Chronograph movement
  • Date feature
  • Alligator strap
  • 41mm diameter case
  • 100 meter (330 feet) water resistant
  • Sapphire scratch resistant crystal
  • stainless steel and diamonds

Hublot Big Bang Women’s 41mm 341.SA.5390.LR.1104 Watch

Hublot Big Bang Women’s 41mm 341.SA.5390.LR.1918 Watch

Like many other watch companies, Hublot makes a bunch of different versions of their watch. There are at least two different versions of this watch. Some of the versions have the same color and gold, others are missing the diamonds completely. One of the choices for an alternative version of the Hublot Big Bang  341.SA.5390.LR.1104 watch is the Hublot  Big Bang 41mm Tutti Frutti Stainless Steel 341.SA.5390.LR.1918. These two watches basically look exactly the same. They also contain many of the same features. The only big difference is the Hublot Big Bang 341.SA.5390.LR.1918 doesn’t have diamonds on the front case. Price wise, there is a noticeable difference. The Big Bang 341.SA.5390.LR.1918 costs $23,800 and the Big Bang 341.SA.5390.LR.1104 costs $17,600. So there is kind of a big price difference, not on sale. For sale, they’re closer in price range.

This caramel watch may make your lips water thinking about purchasing it, but there may be some things that leave a sour taste in your mouth about buying it. Here are some reasons why you might love, or hate this watch:


  • Great combination of simple and modern with the chronograph and the design
  • The diamonds add a nice feminine element to an almost gender neutral watch


  • The colors may not appeal to many women
  • Doesn’t look as expensive as many other Hublot, or luxury watches

The Hublot Big Bang 41mm Women’s 341.SA.5390.LR.1104 watch really standout, but maybe for the wrong reasons. It has some nice advance features, like chronograph, date calendar, and water resistant. However, caramel does not, to me, seem like a color choice many women will chose. Especially, because the Tutti Frutti collection has so many bright vibrant choices. I personally don’t see this one being a big seller for Hublot, but if you happen to like the color then buy a way. It’s a great watch, despite the odd color.


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