25 Jun 2012

Hublot Big Bang 41mm women’s 341.SV.5290.LR.1104

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by Jerrica Tisdale

A girl in green does not only get everyone’s attention, but she makes a statement. She’s bold, powerful, and wealthy and she’s not afraid to show it. Seeing people wear green is a rare sight so you know if you see someone wearing it they’re someone you want to know. The lady in green is not someone you ignore, it’s someone you embrace completely.

If you love green and you want a watch that not only says so much about your style, but your character too, then you may select a watch from the Hublot Tutti Frutti collection. This very colorful collection has watches in almost every color, making it hard to not find a watch to match your colorful needs.

For the green lovers, the Hublot Big Bang 41mm women’s 341.SV.5290.LR.1104 watch is your best choice.

It has a green clock window and green alligator strap. Besides being glorious in green, here are some other facts about this watch:

  • It has huge numbers
  • Diamonds on the clock rims
  • Sapphire Scratch resistant crystal
  • 41 mm diameter
  • Contains a date feature
  • 100 meters (330 feet) water resistant
  • Chronograph movement

Hublot Big Bang 41mm Women’s 341.SV.5290.LR.1104 Watch

Hublot Big Bang 41mm Chronograph Automatic women’s 341.PV.5290.LR.1104 Watch

As you can see this watch has many great attributes but this watch may not be your ideal watch.  Maybe something is missing? If so, you may like the HUBLOT Big Bang 41mm Chronograph Automatic  women’s 341.PV.5290.LR.1104 watch. Both of these watches are completely green and have the same features. The only really differences separating these two are the fact that the Hublot Big Bang 341.SV.5290.LR.1104 retails for $17, 600 and the Hublot Big Bang 341.PV.5290.LR.1104 for $ 38,300. There is a huge price difference between the two pieces and that’s surprising because the only cosmetic difference is the Hublot Big Bang 341.PV.5290.LR.1104 has diamonds and rose colored gold and the Hublot Big Bang 341.SV.5290.LR.1104 has stainless steel and diamonds. For gold over silver the prices seem too big of a difference, so I’d probably pick Hublot Big Bang 41mm women’s 341.SV.5290.LR.1104 watch, but if gold really matters to you then pick the other watch.

This watch is really unique and fun, many girls and women would love to wear it, but here are some of the perks and problems of this timepiece:


  • Very unique watch
  • Great for green lovers
  • It has a chronograph feature


  • Overall, the completely green color may only appeal to few
  • The big numbers almost give the watch a cheap look
  • Diamonds may fall out over time

The Hublot Big Bang 41mm women’s 341.SV.5290.LR. watch is a great timepiece. It’s a really fun, colorful, sophisticated and playful watch. Many women will love it. However, I doubt only green lovers will be attracted to the model. So if you like the Hublot Fruitti Tutti design, but not the color, you have a large array of watch choices.


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