07 Feb 2012

Hublot Big Bang 44mm 301.PX.1180.RX

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Written by: Lisa Pearson

If you have been searching for a high-end watch that offers more than just a high price tag, the Hublot Big Bang 44mm 301.PX.1180.RX offers a luxurious timepiece that is sure to make heads turn. Hublot is known for creating the first natural rubber watch strap in timepiece history, however they are also widely known for their line of extravagant and classic men’s timepieces.

Hublot’s Big Bang 44mm 301.PX.1180.RX is truly a stunning timepiece. The bezel is matte black with 18 karat red gold and white accent while the bezel lug and lateral inserts are both a black composite resin. The case of the timepiece is also red gold with polished and locked screws which really stand out on the piece. At first glance this timepiece might appear to be your standard, luxury watch however, there is much more to the Hublot Big Bang 44mm 301.PX.1180.RX than meets the naked eye.

The vertical satin finish of the piece against the muted matte black dial makes for a nice contrast. The watch bears no numerals but rather raised uniform indexes which are the same color as the case tying the piece together beautifully. The piece also gives 42 hours of power reserve and a HUB 4100 self-winding chronograph movement.

The Hublot Big Bang 44mm 301.PX.1180.RX is water resistant up to 100 meters which is more than an ample amount of protection against the waters. If you are a water sports enthusiast, this timepiece will serve as an efficient and stylish guide as you brave the high seas. For those who prefer dry land, this timepiece will also serve as a valuable guide as well.

As Hublot created the first natural rubber watch strap, Hublot timepiece owners can expect a very comfortable fit as the wristlet is made of an adjustable lined natural rubber strap. Most men and women can appreciate a natural rubber wristlet as opposed to a link wristlet which can easily catch on the wrist making it necessary to constantly readjust, which can be a distraction. Hublot’s timepieces make comfort and style a priority, which is a rarity in the world of luxury watches.

If you are looking for a timepiece that will separate you from the myriad of other luxury timepieces on the market that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional; the Hublot Big Bang 40mm watch just might fit the bill.



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