24 Jan 2012

Hublot Big Bang King 48MM Mens Watch 322.PX.1023.RX.0924 Review

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Written by Joshua Dhyani

The whole universe may have started with the Big Bang, but when it comes to watches, the Hublot Big Bang 48MM 322.PX.1023.RX.0924 is near the end–the high end that is. This is truly a luxury piece in every sense of the word. No punches are pulled here as this watch stands to deliver in every way possible. After glimpsing a watch like this, it may make you reevaluate what you consider a luxury watch to be. So without further ado, let us look at one very fine and very exquisite timepiece.

The Hublot Big Bang 48MM 322.PX.1023.RX.0924 at its most basic level is a watch with fairly customary design. its has a black rubber strap and a typical round face. However, once you get past the black rubber bracelet and examine the face of this watch, you notice some truly breath taking aspects.

First, the case is a breathtaking eighteen karat rose gold. As if that is not enough, it is set with a jaw dropping two hundred and six diamonds. Wow.

Next, the unidirectional rotating bezel is a solid 18kt rose gold. But what is gold without diamonds? The bezel is adorned with twenty eight black diamonds, another thirty six white diamond, and another eight rubies for good measure. This thing is sure to sparkle and bling, and reports are it can be seen from space (Note: I am pretty sure it cannot actually be seen from space, but it does have a lot of jewels on it).

The hour markers are not only luminous but are also made with the same 18 karat gold that adorns much of this fine piece. This watch is bold, it’s got a lot of gold.

Did I say gold? Because there is more gold in the minute and hour hands which feature a lovely semi-skeleton design. Truly marvelous. And do not forget the lovely date window inside the 3 marker, because it is the details that count.

With a sapphire scratch resistant surface and water resistance to 300m this watch is as durable as it is awe-inspiring.

This watch has so many jewels I am a little taken aback by the lack of adornments for the rubber bracelet. It seems such a fine piece would be secured with something a little nicer than rubber. But perhaps this type of contrast is appealing to some.

So, if you are looking for a luxury watch with plenty of gold and jewels that doesn’t take its bracelet too seriously, then this is the watch for you.

However, if you do not want a rubber bracelet on your luxury watch, then this piece should be avoided.



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