04 Jan 2012

Hublot CLASSIC FUSION 45MM 521.OX.1180.LR Watch Review

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Written by Lindsey Cook

The name of the Hublot Classic Fusion 45mm 521.OX.1180.LR watch perfectly pinpoints the merging of classic and modern styles that meet in black and gold perfection in this timepiece.

Hublot’s continued foray into sporty watch making is here applauded in the gorgeous picture of the gold and black classic fusion.  The 18k rose gold case is a brazen attempt at making sporty fashionable that is somehow a wild success in achieving casual beauty.  This extra large chronograph men’s watch features a jet black dial set off by the shiny bronze intricacies in the watch face.  Angular lines indicate each hour and futuristic gold outlines of hands pass around the time.  The clear calendar window is found at just above the 6 o’clock location, below the two subdials declaring seconds and hours, creating an informative yet somehow still uncluttered watch display with clear lines amidst the interesting features.

The tiny screws used to fasten the case and bezel of this watch serve to add to the futuristic feel of the timepiece already indicated by the colors and styles of the watch face.  This aspect is moderated by the ways in which it is also supremely casual, particularly in the black rubber strap, a sizeable 9-inch bracelet that is styled to also take on a faux leather look in its pattern.  The sapphire scratch resistant crystal and water resistance that lasts up to 330 feet work together to protect this watch and make it a practical choice for dressy and everyday occasions.

Hublot has ensured that every detail of this quality men’s watch has been well thought out, from deployment clasp to time adjusting knobs.  How do you know if this classy watch is right for you?  At $33,700 it is no small purchase, so deciding if your wardrobe can stand up to this bold timepiece, or if it has simply been needing that something to set it off in style, is of utmost importance.  A supremely quality watch, it is appropriate for all occasions from the fanciest to the grittiest, so don’t fear to flaunt your new timepiece at any location or situation.

If you can appreciate the Hublot brand indicated by the stylish “H” of its logo at the center of the watch, or the minute details that prove its classiness, then choose the unparalleled Hublot Classic Fusion 45mm 521.OX.1180.LR.  Your next timepiece should reflect and promote who you are, so find yourself and your style through the similar fusion captured in this watch.


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