15 Jan 2012

Hublot Key of Time 902.ND.1140.RX Watch Review

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Written by: Laura Barber

Let’s pretend that you just won three-hundred grand in the lottery—best day ever! Right? I thought so. Now, imagine that the local news anchor is asking you what you plan to do with your newfound wealth. Your mind races, thinking of all the things you could buy with such a large sum of money. Will it be a house? A small plane, maybe? Just think of all the vacations you could take! Or, for just $20 a month you could go the noble route and pour all of your winnings into feeding a starving child in Africa…until their 1250th birthday. You could also get a watch. To be more specific, the Hublot Key of Time 902.ND.1140.RX.

You would probably expect a watch that costs $305,000 USD to have special powers like Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak or Aladdin’s flying carpet. Unfortunately, the most recent addition to Hublot’s Masterpiece collection is not magic. However, despite its lack of magical qualities, the impressive engineering used in the creation of this watch is the next best thing.

The dial of the Hublot Key of Time

With the change of a setting, the Key of Time can make time appear to move four times faster or slower.

Designed by a dedicated team of 30 watchmakers and engineers, the Key of Time’s most complex and impressive feat of mechanics can be found in the ability to change the way that the watch measures time. Consisting of three settings (one of these being standard time where one hour is equal to sixty minutes), you can set this timepiece so that either one standard hour is represented as fifteen minutes or the other way around, where fifteen minutes equals one conventional hour. The watch will speed up, slow down, or stay at normal speed according to which setting you choose. Regrettably, this feature has been subject to gimmicky marketing, and is advertised as having the ability to speed up or slow down time, which in reality is an impossible claim.

Other features of this watch include:
• Grade 5 microblasted titanium case and bezel
• Power reserve indicator
• 4 day power reserve
• Manual winding tourbillon movement
• Polished black-nickel hands

If you’re a techy multi-gazillionaire, or just someone who won the lottery, is intrigued by the cutting-edge and has cash to burn, then this might be a good fit for you. All of its features are definitely extraordinary, and it boasts some of the most advanced technology known to the art of watch making. There is no doubt that this watch is the stuff mechanical engineering dreams are made of.

For the rest of us average Joes and Janes, the Key of Time doesn’t hold much appeal. First, it’s way too expensive—we’d rather take a mortgage out on a house. Second, availability is super restricted. With a limited release of only fifty individual watches, who knows if there are even any left. Third, I don’t know about you, but I like it when my watches are straightforward and easy to use. There is nothing uncomplicated about this watch.

So, is the Hublot Key of Time worth it? For the average person, it most definitely isn’t. While the idea is interesting, and the skill needed to idealize and craft such a timepiece is admirable, it is probably far better to marvel at this watch from a distance than to be in debt owning it.


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