07 Feb 2012

Hublot King Power Red Devil 716.0M.1129.MAN11

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Written by: Lisa Pearson

Despite its menacing name, the Hublot King Power 716.0M.1129.RX.MAN11 Red Devil is actually quite a posh and elegant piece. Hublot partnered with English professional football club Manchester United AKA The Red Devils, in 2008. Hublot sponsored the team while creating limited edition 45-minute chronogram movement which was specially made for counting down halves in their football games. The Red Devils are known for not only their athleticism but the abundance of awards and trophies won by the team as well.

Manchester United AKA The Red Devil Football Club

Manchester United AKA The Red Devil Football Club

Avid luxury watch collectors and sports enthusiasts alike can appreciate its bold and audacious colors along with is sporty yet sophisticated look. Hublot appears to have made the perfect hybrid of functional and casual while maintaining the distinguished characteristics associated with its brand with the King Power Red Devil 716.0M.1129.MAN11.

The overall aesthetics of the timepiece truly coordinate with the look of the Red Devil team however; one does not have to be a sports enthusiast to appreciate the beauty and function of the watch. For those who do not wish to purchase a watch which is associated with a sports team, you might find it useful to know that the watch itself only bears a small Red Devil logo on the right of the dial and is not a loud and obnoxious advertisement. One glance at the watch would not give away the fact that the timepiece was inspired by the Red Devils.

Hublot is very well-known for creating upscale luxury timepieces but this particular timepiece is perfect for those looking for something that can be worn on a more frequent basis with informal attire while still remaining stylish and refined. Those who have a more formal wardrobe can still appreciate the elegance and classic design of the piece while conveying a more relaxed tone.

The watch is 48mm in size and is made of 18 karat gold. It has a circular satin-finished ceramic bezel and a HUB 4245 skeleton chronograph with central 45 inch counter Automatic self-winding. This unique timepiece has a sapphire dial with indexes made of blades of grass from Manchester United’s old stadium.

The dial of the watch of very interesting to look at, it is as if you can see the inner workings of the timepiece in layers. The Hublot King Power Red Devil 716.0M.1129.MAN11 definitely sets itself apart from other timepieces. This timepiece is a perfect accessory for both the traditional luxury watch enthusiast as well as those who appreciate luxury watches but with a sporty and energetic feel.


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