18 Jun 2012

Hublot Men’s AeroBang Steel Bracelet 311.SX.1170.SX Review

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by Elizabeth Lowry

No doubt you’ve heard of a skeleton key, but have you ever heard of a skeleton watch? The 44mm Hublot Aerobang 311.SX.1170.SX is an example of “skeletonization” at its most compelling. With this creation, Hublot provides you with the ability to look inside a stainless steel watch as if you had X-ray vision. This Aerobang watch has a skeleton dial; that is, selected sections of chronograph mechanism are set against a black background so that their movements are visible to the viewer. The skeleton mat black dial also serves to ensure that the dial does not appear too cluttered and that the wearer need only glance down to read the time.

Hublot watches can walk a fine line between being avant-garde and gaudy. However, there is no doubt but that they make great eye-candy. Examining a Hublot watch is like looking at a museum piece—and the closer you look, the more rewarding it is. On many of his creations, Hublot reveals chronographic mechanisms through a watch’s subdials–that is, three little peepholes on the dial that show the individual movements of hours, minutes, and seconds. Next are the tiny titanium screws, each perfectly aligned with the others, the slot in the top of each pointing in a specific direction designed to be most pleasing to the eye.

Pros: This watch is made almost entirely of brushed stainless steel which will never tarnish or erode. It has luminous hands, a stopwatch function, and is water resistant to 100 feet. Plus, its dial is endlessly interesting to look at.

Cons: Some consumers may find the price of this watch—or in fact any Hublot watch—to be prohibitively high. And of course if you are going to pay thousands for a watch, it must be insured.
But you should keep in mind that at $19 400, this timepiece is in fact one of the Hublot’s more reasonably priced items.

The question to ask yourself before buying a Hublot is whether or not you see it as an investment (in the same way you might a think of a piece of art) or whether you are simply looking for an elegant, well-made and fashionable watch. If you are looking for an investment, then the price-tag is probably worth it. However, even if you are just in the market for a functional and fashionable watch, it is worth mentioning that stainless steel is perhaps one of the most durable materials you can buy—and since this Aerobang is not overly embellished it could be very socially versatile. looking to get a hublot watch, WatchesOnNet.com has a huge collection, do check them out.


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