18 May 2012

Hublot Men’s King Power Tourbillon 48MM 706.CI.1110.RX

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Reviewed by Jerrica Tisdale

Do you want a non-tradition timepiece that offers quality guarantee?

Then look no further then the Hublot Big Bang King Power Tourbillon 48mm 706.CI.1110.RX.

Hublot adds to the already popular Big Bang collection with the  limited edition King Power collection. There are only 28 pieces in this collection and the Tourbillion 48mm 706.CI.110.RX is one of the standout pieces.

The 706.CI.110.RX offers comfort and cool with the simple rubber wristband. This makes it easy to wear and adjust to fit your design.  The clock window looks like something  from a Sci-Fi time traveling movie, which adds to the unique appeal of it. It’s basically an all-black watch with some subtle hints of color.  The watch’s little pieces of sapphire really glow on the black surface. This makes it masculine, but  the little touches of color show you are a man that appreciates the little details.

More Features:

    • Like many of Hublot’s watches, it has scratch resistant crystal and waterproof for 100 meters (330 feet).
    • The Tourbillon clock adds a unique twist to the seemingly simple design.
    • Also, like many other Hublot watches, it comes with a two year warranty.
    • The time and date correspond next to one another by blending the calendar into the background of the watch and letting the time remain at the forefront.
    • Both the calendar and clock are numerical making it easy to glance at the date and the time.
Hublot 706.OM.1180.RX

Hublot 706.OM.1180.RX


Hublot 706.CI.1110.RX

Each one of Hublot’s King Power watches are unique in their own way, so there is a large variety to choose from. Another one of the Hublot Big Bang King Power watches in 48mm is the Tourbillon Gold Black GMT 48mm 706.OM.1180.RX. This one is definitely an eye catcher, almost completely covered in gold.  It also contains a little more splashes of color on the calendar then the 706.CI.1110.RX.

The 706.CI.1110.RX  retails for  about $201,000, whereas the 706.OM.1180.RX costs about $217,000. The watches are very different from one another with one appealing more to a man with a simple style( 706.CI.1110. RX) and the other to a more eye-catching style man (706.OM.1180.RX), so choosing between them depends on personal preference.

Pros: The Hublot King Power Tourbillon 706.CI.1110.RX blends the simplicity of a classic watch with the colors and design. And  modernizes the classic with the tourbillon dial, calendar and time formatting. It delivers elegancy and simplicity in a beautiful package.

Cons: The time and date overlapping may make it hard to read. Making it best as a showpiece rather than something  to actually wear.

The Hublot King Power Tourbillon 706.CI.1110.RX is a beautifully designed watch that could appeal to a man that likes his timepieces to standout, and to those that prefer simplicity.  These watches are rare jewels that will look great displayed in a collection. If you have to have something unique and stylish then this watch is for you.


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