07 May 2012

Men’s Hublot Big Bang 44 mm Minute Repeater Tourbillon 304.TX.1170.LR Review

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By Erin Brogan

Are you unsure of what to get your husband to celebrate his promotion at work, or your coming anniversary? The Men’s Hublot Big Bang 44 mm Minute Repeater Tourbillon 304.TX.1170.LR is an excellent, high-end watch of the finest craftsmanship.

The center faceplate strongly resembles the splendorous and famous Old Town Astronomical Clock in Prague. All of the inner workings of the watch are on display, functioning at the highest quality for the naked eye to see. Any Mr. Fix-It type man can strongly appreciate the fine detail displayed inside of the sapphire, scratch-resistant crystal. Similar to the clock in Prague’s astrological calculations, the skeleton design displays a smaller, circular second-hand counter at 6:00. The bezel displays Hublot’s signature design: bare, visible, elegant screws on the evens. Its insignia “H” is illustrated on the crown and the black mat dial. Both the bezel and case are made of platinum.

Old Town Astronomical Clock

Old Town Astronomical Clock located in Prague City

Authentic alligator encasing black rubber makes up this watch’s 8-inch adjustable strap. For the working man by day, play hard by night kind of guy, this watch is water-resistant up to 100 meters or 220 feet.

This Swiss-made minute repeater tourbillon movement features a classy, two-toned HUB 8000 minute repeater. Once the watch is manually wound up, just click and let go to experience two chimes a second which change pitch every minute. You can view the action in this YouTube clip.

Jet Li for Hublot

Jet Li, Hublot's Brand Ambassador in Asia

Hublot has assigned many brand ambassadors to its elegant collection of watches, including Kiss of the Dragon’s Jet Li for its new store openings in Asia. Other celebrities linked to Hublot include Lionel Richie, Alex Rodriguez and Jessica Biel.

One of the downfalls of this very intricate, platinum timepiece is the hour and minute hands hide among every crevice and ticking gear. Luckily, the minute repeater tourbillon movement’s wind-up tones allow the watch to speak the time to you, minute-by-minute.

Unfortunately, the Men’s Hublot Big Bang 44 mm Minute Repeater Tourbillon 304.TX.1170.LR can be purchased at the steep listing price of $379,300, more than most of what Hublot sells. It is only available to the very wealthy. There are many replicas made with less credibility and individuality for a lower price, so if you are serious about your purchase, refer to the Hublot website for a list of authentic retailers.

The watch itself is a handcrafted, mastermind, and if you are in the market for a topnotch piece to stand behind the name Hublot, this luxurious wristwatch will not let you down.


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