19 Jul 2011

Hublot Geneve STEEL PAVÉ 301.SX.1170.RX.1704 Review

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Written by:  Leigh Anne Sanders

Hublot Geneve Steel Pave diamond encrusted watch

Hblot Geneve Steel Pave

For the discerning customer looking for a watch that is both immensely beautiful and highly functional, the search need not go past the Hublot Geneve STEEL PAVÉ 301.SX.1170.RX.1704.  With more than 325 diamonds, totaling just under 3 carats, the makers of this watch have created an accessory that is a watch of supreme opulence.  Yet, simultaneously, the black rubber watch band gives this beauty incredible wearer comfort.

The Hublot Geneve STEEL PAVÉ 301.SX.1170.RX.1704 is 44mm in diameter, making this a medium-sized watch.  The large face allows for easy reading and ample room for the two chronographs situated on the right side of the face.  Sleek steel plates serve to mark the hours, with small numerals to mark every five minutes along the outside edges.  Electing to not use numerals for the hours is a wise decision, as it cuts back on the amount of visual noise in this watch, and allows the 326 diamonds to shine without being overbearing.

Though the designers of this time piece have done admirable work creating a watch that is the height of decadence, for some, the overall effect really is too much.  Customers may find it difficult to pair this particular with an everyday ensemble, making the watch a “special occasion” piece.  Which is more commonly referred to as a “dust collector” piece.  With a price tag over more than $20,000, this watch could become an incredibly expensive decoration.  Both the overall look and the cost insist that this watch be worn and appreciated regularly.

To say for sure whether a watch with so much to it is a good purchase or not is a difficult task.  Really the answer is dependent on you.  If you spend the money on this product and then let it side on a shelf in your closet collecting dust, you are not likely to consider your money well-spent for many reasons, and one simple reason in particular:  the makers of this watch have created a design that is intended to be seen.  The hundreds of diamonds are cut to catch the light and make this watch sparkle.  The desire to sway and twist your wrist to maximize the visual effect of this watch is sure to be undeniable.  Although the risk will always be there that your watch will be the most impressive part of your ensemble, that is not necessarily a bad thing.  The Hublot Geneve STEEL PAVÉ 301.SX.1170.RX.1704 is a statement piece in every sense of the word.


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